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ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) – opening up the 120bn barrel potential of the Kavango Basin


120 billion barrels of oil in the Kavango Basin.

That’s the potential amount of oil sitting under the Kalahari Sands in Namibia and Botswana.

The Kavango Basin is one of the planet’s last remaining onshore new frontiers in oil exploration. Only one Canadian company is in full control of its destiny: Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd.

(TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) (“ReconAfrica”).

World petroleum source rock expert Daniel Jarvie, former Chief Geochemist for the $50bn EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG), is a key member of ReconAfrica’s (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) team. Jarvie is convinced the company is on the path to discovering phenomenal riches.

Even at today’s prices of $40 a barrel, the Kavango Basin could generate the kind of opportunity that even the majors dream about!

It is an exceptional play. There is nothing out there today that is like it.

With oil prices expected to return to $60 a barrel by the end of 2021, the outlook is bullish and the timing is perfect to embark on such an ambitious venture.

For a business with only a C$100 million market cap, the fact that ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) is fully-funded through the upcoming crucial 1st phase of drilling in the Kavango Basin is an extremely compelling investment pitch.

And the more you learn about the story the better it gets.

ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) has been flying under the radar for the past 12 months since listing on the Toronto Venture Exchange. The company’s stock grew steadily from 20 Canadian Cents to just over C$1.

But what had been hidden is about to come out into the open.

“I have never seen a play like this in my career, it’s like something the Majors would have.” –Scot Evans: CEO, ReconAfrica

Trading volume is increasing (over a million shares a day) and the market is clearly starting to wake up to what the company is on the cusp of.


Early investors can see this stock exploding in value in the next 12 months.

Why invest

Why Invest in Recon Africa

Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd. (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) has exclusive control over opening up the enormous Kavango Basin in Namibia and Botswana
The Kavango Basin is one the world’s last undeveloped onshore oil basins and has generated potentially 120 billion barrels of oil
ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) is fully funded for a high-impact 3 well exploration campaign
The company recently raised C$23 million in a twice upsized fundraise that attracted a strong level of institutional support
Long-lasting licenses put ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) in a strong negotiating position over its 8.75 million acres of prime exploration land
Extremely attractive commercial terms could attract future farm-in partners from the active supermajors now operating in Namibia

An Unprecedented Opportunity

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ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) has an almost unprecedented opportunity to open up a brand new, colossal petroleum basin in onshore Africa.

It controls the entirety of the deep Kavango Basin in Namibia and Botswana.

It’s an exceptional feat for a junior energy company to secure long-term license control over an entire deep sedimentary basin.

But this is exactly what ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) has achieved.

The potential is so great, the company’s C$23 million fundraise had to be upsized twice just to meet early institutional demand.

Now, with $21 million of cash and no debt, ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) has a Q4 2020 three-well, high-impact drilling campaign it is about to launch.

However, it’s the prospectivity of the company’s licenses that has caused the most excitement.

What’s really interesting about them is this.

In contrast to almost every other junior explorer in the world, ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) will not live or die by striking commercial oil on the first well.

This is no moon-shot one-hit wonder that fails if oil isn’t immediately found in commercial quantities.

ReconAfrica’s (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) PRIMARY AIM is to prove that under its 8.75 million acres license area exists an active hydrocarbon system.

That’s it.

With so much land under its long-term control, if ReconAfrica (TSX-V:RECO, OTCQX:RECAF, FRA:0XD) can achieve this objective it will find itself in a strong position to bring in a major farm-in partner or partners.

Frankly, faced with a petroleum system up to 6,000ft thick and with supermajors already crawling all over the country, it would be a shock not to secure a farm-in if the initial drilling program is as successful as many renowned geo-scientists expect.

Work completed to date proves that the Kavango Basin is a Permian basin, a geologic formation responsible for a significant percentage of the world’s current oils and gas supply.

You’ve almost certainly already heard of the US Permian Basin, which stretches across west Texas and New Mexico. It has produced hydrocarbons consistently for over 100 years, supplying more than 28.9 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cu ft of natural gas as of January 2020. In addition other great Permian source rock success stories can be found in Russia, the North Sea, Australia’s Cooper Basin and others.